WhyOra showcases and encourages multiple pathways to careers in the health sector for Maori. Their current branding, website and business model has been static for some time, and the team at WhyOra wanted to reinvigorate their business model to better connect with their target audience, provide more services online and develop additional revenue streams for the organisation.


A refreshed logo design and branding started the process. We needed to create a modern identity that reflected the vision of WhyOra while delivering a design that connected with their audience. The new website followed in the newly formulated branding & design style, with new functionality which created an interactive user experience; new resources for visitors to engage in, such as creating CV’s and applying for jobs online, learning about career pathways, locating suitable educational institutes and signing up to become a member of WhyOra; finally, additional revenue streams and services have been created through paid job listings whereby organisations can submit their available positions online. This created a complete pathway, whereby those interested in health careers could receive support, advice, enroll in educational institutions, build resumes and apply for jobs. The mapping of success.

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