This scope is a biggy! Looking at the current business model for Pioneer Village and developing new governance, structures and implementing a new business model to bring Pioneer Village into the 21st Century (while promoting the 19th Century). Through this process, the scope identified a complete revamp to the current branding, marketing, website and other online collateral, as well as print. We went further and discussed the possibility of “Virtual Pioneer” … an exciting new project which allows you to experience Pioneer Village, virtually.


The scope for this project is in-depth and on-going. Analysing the current business model and profitability was the first step. The development of a comprehensive marketing strategy and review of the current business structure followed. This identified key areas that needed attention. The logo and brand has been refreshed. New communication mediums and messages have been developed to better connect with the identified target markets. The vertical differentiation of the business model to best capitalise on all the resources available at Pioneer Village was identified to increase current revenue streams, as well as develop new sources of income for the business. Outcomes to date include new logo and branding, complete redevelopment of the website with new functionality including eCommerce, online ticketing, mobile app for ticketing and active promotion of the Pioneer Village for events, functions and weddings. The issue of geographical reach was addressed … and some innovative ideas generated surrounding experiences for those who can’t physically visit the location …. this is coming very soon ….

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