Courtney and Kim Seng decided to take their artistic, design and business skills to the next level and develop their screen printing business, Screen Culture; delivering amazing designs and screen printing services for clients throughout the country. A daunting scope indeed. I consider both Courtney and Kim excellent artists and designers. I myself, only let Kim tattoo me as I know his work is of the highest level; and I have seen Courtney’s amazing creative side through her vast experience in kitchen design. So when they asked the team at SpecialEyes to design their logo and website, we were excited and nervous at the same time …


Working together, we went though numerous design scopes for their logo before finalising the completed version. This was then formalised with the delivery of the brand guideline. The website was designed and developed to reflect the business, Courtney and Kim’s personality, while ensuring a clean and easy to use website that received high level of qualified traffic and high rates of inquiries.

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