Competitive Homes is the brainchild of Bunnings, delivering high quality home builds throughout New Zealand. With over 40 locations nationwide, they offer the range of designs to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Bunnings approached us to complete their branding and development of their new Competitive Homes website. Furthermore, the design aspect to this project was to develop a range of marketing and communications collateral that could be used by all the builders within the Competitive Homes group.


Working with the Bunnings marketing department, we developed the original concepts of the logo and brand, which have been fine tuned over time. The design of the new Competitive Homes website delivered an easy to use website that highlighted the range of designs, services and building process, as well as easily locating the Competitive Homes builders throughout the country. To provide an online experience as to the quality and feel of these new builds, we traveled the country taking photography and 360 virtual tours of 5 homes that had been recently completed. We provide on-going work to Bunnings to optimise the Competitive Homes website and complete updates when required. The delivery of a wide range of online and print designs has been delivered for all builders to access and promote their business.

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