A raft of changes in technology, competition and changing life events cause all businesses to have to evaluate where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there. Sometimes less is more, sometimes less is just better …

We all read blogs, stories and articles about moving forward, success and embracing change. I read them all the time and attempt to keep ahead of the latest trends in technology, business and marketing, not only for myself but for our clients. It is my passion to see others succeed. But, life does get busy. The distinction between personal life and work life become blurred, and at some stage we all must look at what we are doing and question why. The first article for our new site deserves, I felt, a little honesty rather than the usual marketing rhetoric that I and thousands of other business writers, advisors and consultants publish minute after minute, day after day.

When do we have time to stick our head above the clouds of the corporate and economic machine and ask ourselves “what do I want?”, “what is important to me?”, “why am I doing what I am doing?” and “is my personal and family life suffering because of it?” If I honestly ask myself these questions, I’m not sure if I am totally happy where I am. Why am I sitting here in front of my desk working on business analysis, marketing strategies and digital media when I could be spending time with my 16 month old daughter, or finding that person (me) who loved to sit in the garden and read a good book or follow my inspirations to become an All Black ???? And in trying to answer this, I sometimes question why I am here and doing what I am doing. I think this is something that we all have asked ourselves and probably not just the once.

I am now 42 and starting to question most things that I have taken as the truth and what is expected of me as an individual and a commercial entity. I have taken the time out of my schedule to train cardio in the morning and become healthier, I spend hours late at night till early hours in the morning seeing my daughter – but whatever I try to do, it revolves around the commercial world that takes most of the quality time that I have. The key question is why?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not being anti-capitalist as I do love my work and what the company does. I just think that things can be better and we can achieve the same or an increased productive and commercial output while having a better life experience for ourselves, our friends and our families. The key word that needs to be the central part of my life, and I am sure of millions of others, is BALANCE. This is all nice and easy to say, but how do we find balance when there are ever increasing demands on us and our time. The simple fact is the world is rolling and will continue to roll … and we are all part of its intricate system; some of which are beautiful, some of which are entrapping. But we all have the power to decide to create some level of balance in our lives that enables us to be better people – better parents, better friends, better business people. So how do I plan to achieve this?

To be honest, I am not completely sure. But the key stage of any positive change is starting to question. Through better use of technology and modern digital marketing practices, I can streamline not only the business requirements while increasing productivity of my own business, but also that of my customers. I also intend to challenge the economic and social norms that state when and how I should work and start implementing them as a trial period within my own business. All in the effort to find that little more quality time with the things that are most important to me, but while balancing the need to success personally and for our clients. So this may not only be my journey, it may be for many others as well. I encourage our clients and friends to ask themselves the same questions … and to show them how they can create more time and life balance by using appropriate technology and simply questioning why!!

If you want to know how my journey goes and the thoughts that go with them, I will be posting updates (when I can) … thanks for reading.