The social media phenomenon is not a phenomenon anymore. Its been around for a while, it is socially accepted and businesses have been using a wide range of content and interactive strategies within the various social media platforms to better connect, serve, engage with, and convert potential customers. The popularity of Facebook advertising for businesses and the desire to have as many likes as possible as it serves as an ego boost rather than a solid business and marketing strategy to boost lead generation and brand champions. It is not how many likes you have, it is about engagement and providing content that appeals to the potential customer that is engaging and leaves them wanting to know more about you and your services. But then there is the question of how to get out in front of your target market and audience.

Facebook advertising has proven to be an extremely effective medium for our clients to connect with customers and sell their products. We are not talking about the little adverts you see on the right hand side, but another form of Facebook advertising, termed Sponsored stories. These are much more effective as a much larger image can be designed to capture the attention of the Facebook user, with the image and message/offer/promotion appearing in the timeline of their personal feed. With advanced targeting settings, we are able to target the geographic region, personal and behavioral characteristics of the target market to ensure the Sponsored Story is appearing only to those within the target market dimensions … which all adds to an extremely successful and cost effective form of online advertising … in fact any type of advertising. With a direct call to action, the responses we have seen are simply head and shoulders over traditional marketing techniques and even Google adwords.

A simple Sponsored story advert for Pace Modular promoting their new Kitchen Designer software resulted in a spike of traffic to the website in the thousands … which ended up with hundreds of users, multiple enquires for the business and sales resulted. All for a costs of approximately $300 …. you don’t get much radio or print advertising for that; and then the results are usually questionable.

A local business, Taranaki Building Removers, have been working with us for all their digital marketing for several years now. Facebook marketing and Sponsored stories are a mainstay of this campaign, with regular paid posts being published … with consistent and simply amazing results. The Sponsored Stories focus on houses for sale and from the 6 targeted advertising campaigns, all but one has sold. Our best result being an $80,000 property being sold within 4 hours and a very happy team having the money into their accounts that afternoon.

If you want to find out more about Facebook Sponsored Stories can work for your business, connect with potential customers and drive sales, get in contact with us and we’ll walk you through it.