We are working on some pretty exciting projects right now. Fancy a sneak peek?


Coddle … means “to treat tenderly; nurse or tend indulgently; pamper.” Furthermore, it also refers “to cooking (eggs, fruit, etc.) in water that is just below the boiling point; cook gently.” This makes it the perfect brand for this project.

Coddle is a social enterprise that aims to not only educate parents in how to make nutritious and delicious meals for babies, toddlers and children under 5 years of age, but to provide them with the ingredients and resources to cook this in the comfort of their own home. For those who are busy, parents will be able to purchase subsidised meals readily prepared, frozen and delivered to their doorstep.


The businesses and brands involved is very “hush hush” at the moment, but keep an eye out for a release date of this exciting new business model and online portal early Spring 2017. There is going to be literally thousands of items, large and small, available at bargain prices. More information will be released we can say more.

Bluetooth Heating Control

WiFi controlled heating is becoming prominent in the marketplace, whether these are heatpumps or stand alone heaters. However, there is a premium to pay for these units and they still lack some key functionality. Furthermore, with the increasing number of devices depending on WiFi in the home environment, networks are being compromised and connections lost. No WiFi, no functionality.

The concept is simple, but brilliant. A stand alone and chic looking control unit has a built in infrared thermometer. The digital display shows the current temperature, and through the settings, the desired temperature can be set. This communicates to a plug that is inserted into the socket and then any heating unit plugged into this. The temperature of the room is now regulated, making your house warm and comfortable while enjoying the convenience and power saving capabilities of a central heating unit.

When multiple units are used within the home environment, they can be connected and the entire house be controlled through the dedicated mobile app. Coming very, very soon.

Paradigm Shift for Real Estate

Online technologies and the changing behaviour of the modern consumer is giving rise to a potential paradigm change in how properties are bought and sold. The traditional model involves the use of a real estate agency, but this comes with a hefty cost.

We can’t say too much more at the moment, but this development is going to connect buyers and sellers with all the services you would expect of a real estate agent, online. And without the hefty commissions. Smart, affordable and online.

Interactive Virtual Tour Experience

Tourism operators invest considerable money into their activities and attractions. To generate revenue, they must attract customers to their location.  With the advent of interactive and experiential technologies, the question now is why?

Not deterring from actual visitation, but enabling potential customers from anywhere in the world to “experience” this tourism site (and therefore considerably increase the businesses revenue stream), the virtual tour enables a full interactive experience of a prominent tourism business within New Zealand. Users will be able to access the virtual tour online and then make the own way around a 10 acre complex, in their own time and choosing where and when they go. Each “attraction” within the park has a full digital experience to be had.

This exciting new development is time-lined for release in November 2017.

ESI Group

ESI Group is a multi-national company that specialises in Transformer oils, filtration services and the supply of new or recycled oil. ESI utilises the latest recycling technologies and continually update their processing units to deliver an environmentally friendly service which helps the world preserve and reuse its natural but limited resources.

We are currently working with the Team at ESI Group to complete a full re-branding and the development of a clean and modern multi-site web development, which creates multiple sites for their various locations throughout the world, without having to build a website for each of them. Just another way of doing things smarter.

Community Hub

Many businesses located in smaller communities that are competing with large corporate chains that offer online stores. As a result, many of these smaller enterprises are struggling. This “community hub” project looks at redressing this situation by providing a cost effective way for smaller operations to have an online presence, promote their business and sell their products/services online.

Currently in development, the release of this “community hub” is scheduled for mid-winter.

Job Scheduling & Inventory Software/Apps

Utilising software and mobile apps to streamline operations and processes is a key way for business to increase efficiency, reduce costs, deliver better customer service and increase revenue. Several key clients have requested this functionality so we are delivering this for them. The cloud-based software will work to manage all staff, time sheets, manage job scheduling, with GPS tracking on the mobile apps to determine where staff are at all times.

The inventory control system syncs their stock control in real time and the accounting integration with Xero easily allows them to provide quotes and deliver invoices, either on the computer or in front of the customer with their dedicated app.

Additional functionality is currently being developed for user testing and systems control. This software is currently under pilot testing within one of these organsations and full release is expected in several months.

Civil Construction

Civil construction is big business. Working with a nationally acclaimed Civil Construction business, we are currently designing and developing a multi-site for this business to effectively communicate their subsidiary businesses and the range of products/services on offer.

This project is in the final stages of testing and content population and will be released very, very soon.

Child Care

As a parent who has his daughter in a child care centre, I have a major soft spot for these organisations and appreciate the great work that they do. Working with multiple child care organisations around the country, we are currently developing modern and easy to use websites for these businesses with some pretty cool functionality, including:

  • online stores with payment gateways
  • registering children online
  • virtual tours of their premises
  • fee payment online
  • daily learning stories automatically published and parents notified when this is completed

GeoTrack App

This is very hush, hush. Only thing we can say here is that it is a very smart mobile application that enables you to get out and enjoy the outdoors, safely. More to come …..